i just used Marx’s original term for society’s Productive Forces (“Produktivkräfte”) in the opening sentence of my Boston University Public Interest Scholarship essay

nonetheless, i feel like it’s a well written essay!

ah. c’est la vie. let’s see how it goes.


Overthrow capitalism: Facilitate a transition towards a non-growth-oriented production paradigm.

End patriarchy: Accomplish synergy and equality of opportunity across a diverse range of gender perspectives.

Smash the state: Aggressively implement a practice of decentralized, horizontal…



Do you see a pattern?

Increasing income disparity in the US puts us worse than or on par with much of Latin America in that category.

A former economic advisor to George W. Bush and John McCain is advocating lowering the minimum wage.

Someone making $100 million per year pays a tax rate just two points higher than someone making $175,000 per year.

Wall Street bonuses are expected to rise this year.

Businesses with rising profits are not hiring more workers.

CEOs who lay off more workers get paid more.

Senator David Vitter represents a state where the average household income is $43,635, but he looks out at an audience and tells them that a plan to repeal a tax cut for households making more than $250,000 per year would affect “virtually everybody in this audience.”

Senator Jon Kyl is fighting to protect tax cuts to the wealthiest. He also fought to block an extension of unemployment benefits to struggling families in an attempt to get an estate tax bill that would benefit…you guessed it, the very wealthiest families.

55% of all adults in the workforce say that since the recession began they have been unemployed, had their pay cut or their hours reduced, or become involuntary part-time workers.

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says jobless workers don’t go back to workbecause of unemployment benefits.

JPMorgan Chase pretty much agrees with DeLay.

The pattern I see is working people struggling more and more, wealthy people having more and more, and Republican politicians and Wall Street allied to get more and more from working people and give more and more to wealthy ones.

And they like to say that anyone asking for a living wage, or to close a tax loophole for billionaires, is engaging in class warfare. What they really mean is, that opposes their own war on working people.

Don’t be under any illusions. It’s war.

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Dialectical materialism, reconstructed from the overlaps in some theories of contemporary analytic philosophy.


When Karl Marx famously said “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce,” he might well have added “…or as a musical.”

One can only guess at what the great political and economic philosopher might have thought of his best-known work, Das Kapital, distilled into a song and dance production — but Shanghai audiences have been flocking to see it since it opened last week.

Broadway musical elements have been adopted in this black humor story, which involves the audience in a critique of modern capitalism and the social realities of 21st Century China.

“Confronting current social realities, how to reinterpret Marx’s masterpiece became the mainspring for producing the stage play,” says He Nian, who directs the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center production at the Shanghai Majestic Theater.

While it may have borrowed the most famous title penned by Marx (1818-1883), He says the performance taps into and reflects a renewed interest in the work.

“Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ has run out of copies in some Western countries since the financial crisis in 2008, and a Japanese cartoon version of ‘Das Kapital’ has also became a best-seller again,” says the 30-year-old director.

RSA Animate - David Harvey - Crises of Capitalism

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“Freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice. Socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality.”
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Workers revolution is the answer Patty.