An Aerial View of D-Day

A panoramic view of the Omaha beachhead after it was secured, sometime around mid-June 1944, at low tide.

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Collection in the U.S. National Archives

Holy hell.

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Joseph Stiglitz and Jeff Madrick @ #occupywallstreet Open Economic Forum

Charming, accurate and powerful speech from the world’s most respected and accomplished living economist at Occupy Wall Street.

This little schoolhouse recital of the basic facts of class warfare in the 21st century is the most heart warming and empowering thing I’ve heard out of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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“You food chilling motherfuckers.”

Jon Stewart nails this.

World of Class Warfare


“I am going to teach the South American republics to elect good men.”
— Woodrow Wilson (1913), statement to British envoy William Tyrrell explaining his policy on Mexico


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Proposed redraw of US state boundaries, giving each of the new 50

states roughly 5.6 million people each. newleft

Everglades: upgrade! no longer prisoner to the impossible “hoity toity” standards of northern Florida. finally free to let your freak flag fly!

Michigana: push! less Detroit but more Gary Indiana. might have lost Ann Arbor too, i can’t tell.

Missouri: downgrade! still Missouri. 

Even as a panel of educators laid out a vision Wednesday for national standards for public schools, the Texas school board was going in a different direction, holding hearings on changes to its social studies curriculum that would portray conservatives in a more positive light, emphasize the role of Christianity in American history and include Republican political philosophies in textbooks.

Throughout the standards, the conservatives have pushed to drop references to American “imperialism,” preferring to call it expansionism. “Country and western music” has been added to the list of cultural movements to be studied.

References to Ralph Nader and Ross Perot are proposed to be removed, while Stonewall Jackson, the Confederate general, is to be listed as a role model for effective leadership, and the ideas in Jefferson Davis’s inaugural address are to be laid side by side withAbraham Lincoln’s speeches.